Friends from USA Dave Schultz, Greg Hupe, Mike Farmer, Robert Ward.

Family Herrmann, Martin Altmann, John Kashuba and his wife, Anne Black, Stefan Ralew and his wife.

From Switzerland Marc Jost, Roger and Peter Marmet.

Hanno Strufe.

Marc Jost, Roger, Peter Marmet, Stefan König, Rainer Barthoschewitz and his wife.

Marcin Cimala, Pierre Marie Pelé.

Olaf Gabel, Thomas Grau and his wife, Bernd Ruschinzik and his wife, Steffen Jacobsen and Alexander Seidel.

Zelimir Gabelica, Olaf Gabel and Alexander Seidel.

Dima, Sergej and Dimitri.

Alexander Seidel, Jürgen and Dr. Svend Buhl.